Strong Room Doors: Vault Doors

  • Protection against burglary attacks and fire.
  • Main door (outside) consists of outer and inner mild steel plates conforming to IS 2062:1984.
  • Special barrier materials are high speed drill resistant and oxy-acetylene torch resistant.
  • Heavy duty and strong grill gate, made up of MS bright bars of diameter 20mm, is integrated into the door frame for further protection.
  • The grill gate is hinged in the strong room door frame such that it opens inside, either from left to right or right to left as required by the user.
  • A special lock is also provided which can be operated from both the sides.
  • Methodex – Strong room doors are equipped with a set of two 10 lever dual control locks to guarantee utmost safety.
  • The doors are fitted with automatic relocking feature which gets activated in case of a forced mechanical attempt ensuring that the door can’t be opened even after breaking or dislodging the main lock.
  • Keyless combination locks are also available on demand.
  • A specially designed fully hardened drill defeat plate is provided at the bottom of the locks to defeat any attempts against drilling, to try and open the locks.
  • Methodex also offer special layers in specific models which emit a thick black smoke on the surface when an attempt with a gas cutter is made, obstructing further gas cutting.
  • Air ventilators and exhaust fans are provided on demand.
  • Approved and listed by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) as per IS 11188:1991.


Vault Auto Dialing System (VADS): Doors can also be fitted with an additional security system on request. This includes wireless sensors, either magnetic or vibration sensing, which activate an alarm, if an attempt in made on the door. The Vault Auto Dialing System informs concerned personnel via message over the phone lines, regarding an attack within just 15 – 20 seconds. It also activates a powerful mini & mega, solid state siren.