Fire Resistant Filing Cabinet: 1 Hour

  • Double walled construction of multiple bends supported by a skeleton frame of steel section from inside as per guidelines of IS 14561:2007.
  • Special insulating material filled in between to provide resistance to fire and hot gases.
  • Each drawer of fire resistant filing cabinet (FRFC) slides in an individual inner box.
  • The inner boxes have insulating layers in between to prevent fire spreading from one drawer to another.
  • Each drawer of the cabinet is removable and fitted with latch to prevent inadvertent withdrawal and rebound
  • Top drawer is provided with dual control 6 lever lock.
  • The locking mechanism is such that when the top drawer is pushed in fully, it actuates locking mechanism to lock all other drawers simultaneously, when they are in pushed in condition.
  • At the time of locking the cabinet, if one of the drawer is not fully pushed in, that drawer shall remain unlocked and can be used. As soon as that drawer is pushed in fully, it shall get locked automatically without further operation of key by the user.
  • Successfully tested at Central Building Research Institute (CBRI) for fire endurance and fire & impact test.