Banknote Value Counter


  • Adopting cutting-edge CIS and DSP technology. Identification and control system using FPGA+DSP structure, leading to more CPU power for faster processing.
  • Auto-detects counterfeit banknote by using Light Image, IR Image, Spectrum Image, Magnetic Image, UV, Magnetic Ink, Thread Metal, IR Penetration, Multipoint Thickness Measurement, etc. Error code indication and audible alarm when counterfeit note discovered.
  • Detects incomplete, damaged, folded, pen marks, oil, overlapped, spliced and taped banknotes.
  • Separates the suspected notes from damaged notes, easy to organize notes, reducing the workload.
  • Including many counting and sorting features, such as version sorting, orientation sorting, sorting banknotes for ATM machine, adding, batching, serial number checking and output, while also displaying the banknote serial number of each pocket separately.
  • Adjustable sensitivity, auto storage, self check at start-up and displaying the error code, restorable to default setting.
  • Successfully passed both the counterfeit and recognition test of the ECB, fully compliant with the new ES2 Euro banknotes (5, 10, 20).
  • Super LCD display, optional external LED-Display available.
  • Software upgradable via internet by LAN connection or USB Drive.