Coin Counter GCC-60










Medium-duty coin counter for many currencies

The GCC-60 Medium Coin Counter has one simple adjustment for the coin diameter and another easy adjustment to set the coin thickness allowing for maximum flexibility in counting various coins or tokens. This counter features an easy push button control panel, built in carrying handle and 3 different counting modes. With a large 3000 coin hopper the GCC-60 has a counting speed of up to 2300 coins per minute and is designed to be long-lasting and durable for either stationary or portable applications.

Medium-duty GCC-60 is an intelligent coin counting and sorting machine.

The large 3,000-coin hopper design and counting speed 2300 coins per minute, greatly improve the working efficiency of GCC-60.

The most unique feature of GCC-60 coin counter is the extended coin hopper which makes the counting job much easier. Other features include dual display for counting and batching, user-friendly operating panel, batching up to 9999, adding, grand total and memory.

Main Features

  • Extended coin hopper
  • Equipped with automatic computer control system
  • Two independent adjustments for coin diameter and thickness
  • Automatic stop and automatic reverse to remove jammed coins
  • Heavy-duty and high speed for the coin counting
  • Count, add and batch functions
  • Sort individual denomination