Exchange Rate Display










Model: CRD-2120
1.0′ red LED, 2 columns, 20 rows
control by PC, Infared remote controller or LAN/WAN
customized design logo and artwork
The exchange rate boards utilize digits made of 6 segment LED (light emitting diode). They are now fully programmable replacing old designs using stick on lettering, which were both time consuming, and irritating to update. The new sleek, slim-line attractive designs make them appear at home in any corporate establishment.

The frequency with which the rates are updated is up to the individual bureau. Most banks and travel centres may wish to update the board only once a day, while businesses trading large sums of money may wish to display the latest live rates.

Exchange Rate Boards are connected to a local power supply and can switch on and off automatically at pre-programmed times. The specially used “anti-reflective acrylic” allows the displays to be read clearly by passers-by, even through a shop window on a sunny day.

The Exchange Rate Boards, can be placed anywhere. Mounting is normally on the wall or suspension in a window. Optional stands are often available for floor standing.